Why Is Ludo Game Unfair Sometimes

Why Is Ludo Game Unfair Sometimes

Ludo is so popular game around the world. For a long time before have been playing the Ludo game. People just enjoy the game they don’t even think that this game could be unfair. if you are also a Ludo player then you might be one of those who think that this game can never be unfair.

The main reason behind this thinking is that This game is fully randomized. There are six numbers on the dice and the probability of getting Any number Is a random process. So how it could be unfair?

If you play the game on the board then the simple answer is “In 90% of cases this is fair” still a 10% chance that someone can cheat you and make the game unfair. Some players have mastered the skill of getting any number on the dice. And there are many ways that a player can cheat.

If we talk about the online games available on mobile or PC devices, They are programmed games. Many developers program the probability of getting any number on dice on a random basis. In this case, the game is fully fair. But have you noticed that while playing the game, a particular player gets higher moves multiple times than other players? if a particular prayer is getting a higher number of moves again and again but other players are mostly getting low moves then the winner may be pre-determined. This happens because The game is programmed on the way to choose a winning player when the game starts. The winner is already determined When the game starts. How smartly you will play the winner will be that player who is selected by the program.

How the Ludo game could be unfair

There are many ways that the game organizer or the player do suspicious thing which will make the chances of winning a player higher. there are many ways a player can cheat in the Ludo game.

1. Mod Apk

Many third-party developers modify the codes of the game add their code to the game and create a modified version of the game. This kind of modified game Might also work online. These modified versions of the game Can do a lot of things. Unlimited six is one of those, If you get six again and again in the dice, Then there are more chances that you will win the game. If one of the mod APKs Then the game is unfair. To make this fair, the original game developers gave an update that this modified version can not match with other genuine players.

2. Cheat Code

This is almost similar to the mod version of the game. In this method cheat code on the game allows you to get more 6 in the game. Which makes you win.

3. Manipulating Dice

If you think that on offline board games, no one can cheat Then you are wrong. there are many modified versions of the dice, If you throw the dice in a particular way you will get higher moves and it will increase more popularity of your winning. There are many videos on YouTube you can simply watch them on how to get higher moves on dice. But this is not a piece of cake so not everyone can do this. It might need a little bit of practice. But those who are well-skilled in this can win more matches than on normal player. But they can not win on every dice.

Possibly there could be more ways to cheat on the Ludo game But these are the most common ways of cheating in the game. If in a group-player game, someone cheats that means the game is not fairly organized. You can not do anything about this. Also many times, the opponent is so clever that you can not easily figure out the opponent is cheating.


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