4 Teams Banned for Cheating in BGIS 2024: Dark Side of Indian Esports

Esports in India is on a rapid rise, but it’s not all sunshine and victories. The shadow of cheating looms large over the competitive gaming scene, tarnishing its reputation. From infamous incidents of cheating at international tournaments to the recent ban of four teams in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports, the issue persists, threatening the integrity of the sport.

For years, suspicions of cheating have plagued BGMI tournaments. Despite widespread allegations, only a fraction of cheaters are apprehended by tournament organizers. Suspicious gameplay, unusual spotting abilities, and the use of auto-aim are telltale signs of foul play, often documented by vigilant YouTubers. However, enforcement of penalties has been lacking, allowing cheaters to thrive unchecked.

The recent confession by Enigma Saggy, admitting to cheating in esports, shed light on the pervasive problem. Despite evidence against numerous players available on public platforms like YouTube, many perpetrators continue to evade punishment. This lax approach not only undermines the efforts of honest players but also jeopardizes the credibility of Indian esports on the global stage.

The recent crackdown by Krafton, banning four teams – Five Filter Esports, Megastar Gaming, Instict Outliers, and Tense Esports – for suspicious activities, is a step in the right direction. However, with the BGIS 2024 underway and underdog teams vying for a shot at glory, the stakes are higher than ever. Cheaters aim to exploit the system, hoping to secure a place in the finals and attract lucrative sponsorship deals, regardless of their integrity.

Strict action against these teams is imperative, not just for the current tournament but to deter future instances of cheating. Temporary bans and event disqualifications may not suffice, considering the potential long-term damage to the integrity of Indian esports. Organizations and teams must unite to implement stringent measures and safeguard the competitive spirit of the sport.

Moreover, alarming connections have surfaced, implicating even prominent figures within the esports community. The involvement of Mayavi Gaming, previously associated with Megastar Gaming, has raised eyebrows, with allegations of complicity in cheating. Such revelations not only erode trust but also demand accountability from those in positions of influence.

Understanding the Motivation Behind Cheating

Qualifying for the finals of BGIS 2024 is a dream for many aspiring esports athletes, offering the promise of recognition and sponsorship. Cheaters exploit this opportunity, resorting to unethical means to secure their spot among the top 16 teams. However, their misguided ambition threatens the integrity of the sport and undermines the hard work of genuine competitors.

The Allegations

The banned teams faced allegations ranging from the use of suspicious applications and gameplay to the manipulation of devices and failure to provide Point of View (POV) footage. Such violations strike at the heart of fair competition, warranting swift and decisive action to uphold the integrity of BGMI esports.

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