Soul Mortal : Age, DOB, GF, INCOME, BIKE

Soul Mortal is an Indian streamer and a gaming business person. From a professional e-sport athlete to a successful youtuber and a business person, journey was great. Today in Battleground mobile India community everyone knows about him. He is wanna those streamer who is one of those most popular in YouTube in Battleground mobile India community. We will Bruce Lee know about him that from an e-sport athlete to millions of subscribers in his YouTube channel and also his struggle for dis achievement.




Naman Mathur (Soul Mortal)



Date of Birth

May 22, 1996




Mumbai, Maharashtra


Maharashtra, India

Mother’s Name

Kavita Mathur

Father’s Name

Late Sandeep Mathur


DJ Solo


Not known


Radiator (Nickname)


Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School, Mumba


SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Mumbai


Bachelor’s degree in Commerce

Social Media Followers

YouTube: 7M+ subscribers

Instagram: 5.4M+ followers

Twitter: 500K+ followers


Professional Gamer, Streamer, YouTuber



Cars Collection

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Bike Collection

Yamaha FZ and Harley Davidson iron 300


monthly 15-25 lakh

Early life

Model Naman Mathur was born in May 22, 1996 in Mumbai Maharashtra. He is currently 27 year old. His nicknames are Numun, Paddu Chacha and Mortal. His father’s name is Sandeep Mathur. Who left him when he was a child. His mother’s name is Kavita Mathur , who is everything for him. she is taking care of her two sons alone. Mortal headset story about the struggle his family faced. The Journeys is heart melting. Naman Mathur has a brother whose name is DJ solo. Mortal is not a real name, it is just in game name.

He completed his early education from school from Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School, Mumbai. For further education he went to SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Mumbai and completed his graduation in commerce stream.

Now the both sons of – has grown and motel is earning enough to fulfill all the need of the family. Ki choose gaming as his career. Like all of us used to film many games at his childhood. From playing games for fun to becoming a professional sport player. Ki never thought that he will choose professional gaming as his career. When Pubg mobile India was launched in India he used to play with his friends for fun. Initially he was playing on iPad device. At that time is game play was insane. When he sport in India in pubg mobile was announced he along with his three other friends decided to play the tournament. The registered for the tournament and because of their good communication and gameplay they bgis 2019. This was journey how he entered into the professional gaming.

On his YouTube channel he has more than 7 million subscribers and on Instagram he has 5.4 M followers. On his Twitter account he has 5 lakh followers.

Soul Mortal Education

Soul Motel completed his school from Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School, Mumbai and after that he went to SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Mumbai college for for pursuing . His baseless degree in Commerce stream. And he has completed his B com.


Soul mortal is full time streamer and a gaming business person. When you read his story the story is full of joy, also you will find his journey so motivating. We will completely describe, how from playing game for fun to a professional sport player to full time streamer and now a business person.

In the starting of the career he was playing many games for fun just like we all do.when He started his YouTube channel he used to play mini militia game along with his friends. If you check his YouTube channel, the game play of mini militia is Steel available on his channel. He was not taking the next streaming as career. He was doing this just for fun. He created his use to channel and started of loading videos in 2016.

After that pubg mobile was launched in India. This game was game changing for many Indian Gamers. Also the launch of jio in India was like desert after a beautiful lunch. When he started playing pubg mobile he is complete was very amazing. The number of Indian gamer youtubers was very less that time. Hills Clement viral on social media and this was a turning point of his career. If you will search on YouTube , hotels most popular viral clip then you will see how amazing this clip was win the game was initially launched and very less people were knowing about this game.

When the video went viral he got a lot of fame from YouTube and started caring subscribers. People started liking his videos and his gameplay. He started doing live streams, slowly slowly is Channel was growing very fast.

There were four players who used to free the game together. Mortal Owais Raunak and Viper. After the launch of pubg mobile in India, official tournament of the game was announced. These four friends decided to register for the tournament and play and let’s try. Deepak formed unbelievable in this tournament and they won this tournament. After winning this tournament they got a lot of fans and find followings on social media.

After this this line up never look back and keep moving ahead and they played a lot of tournaments. Also they went to the international and performed their and showcase their performance. They got a lot of fame from all over the India. Soul model has earned approx 57000$ only from tournaments.

He was also maintaining the consistency on doing life is shown his channel and uploading videos and game plays. Also his Channel was monetized and he was earning decent amount from his YouTube channel. After that Mary brands started contact him and he got many brand deals. This way he starting earning a lot. But on other side many down fall came in the line of team soul.

Soul Mortal Decided to take a break from comparative and he talk about this with his teammates. Other teammates overy and Raunak decided to move to a new team, as the think that this team has been disbanded. Viper was alone in the team and because of this mortal decided to get back in team again. New team form with new players. Owais and Raunak was replaced by 2 new players.

After this many changes came in the line of team sold. Thug the owner of team 8bit came with a business idea. Mortal ,Thug and Goldy started a talent management agency.

He is a partner of this talent management agency, but apart from this he does a lot of things.He’s mostly focusing on Randall ‘s and.For fun and apart from this.To maintain his audience base, he does regular live stream in his YouTube channel.In recent five years, he has gained a lot of subscribers in his YouTube channel and also on.This social media accounts the number of followers are regularly increasing day by day.If we if we talk about the today’s growth on his YouTube channel.He has comparative.Less viewership than before because we have seen him.When he was at his peak level.There was.100 key plus consistent live watching we have witnessed on his lavish stream.And he has many records in his name.

He has been nominated for the esport.Mobile Gaming Personality of the Year for International Awards.We have seen him promoting many popular brands and.He’s doing very well in terms of brand deals. He does live stream on his YouTube channel, but as.He says that he does it for just for fun, because we have seen that.His viewership on his lavish previous decreasing and today he gets very less live watching him in his live streams.And in the replay of this, he already replied.He told that.The number of viewers doesn’t matter for him. Actually it matters but he don’t was how many people are watching him. He just only focus on enjoying the game and entertaining all the audience who are watching them.He’s also known as one of the most humble person in the Indian gaming community.

Soul Mortal Controversies

If you see controversy for the Indian games or any international gamers. We know that Gamers does. Something you raise or. Just in excitement of the gaming. But this causes many problems to them and they fall into many controversies. And the news of this controversy? Does not take a lot of time to spread on the whole gaming community. We have seen that. Every game was. Acceptance for few gamers has fallen into any type of controversy. We are not saying that. They were because of their mistake. Uh. Many gamers fall in controversies without doing anything, and there there wasn’t. And in their mistake. Soul Motel is known as humble gamer in Indian gaming community and he mostly tried to talk for lately while other gamers. We have seen him doing fun with his. Game of Thrones But. We haven’t seen him ever abusing any of other gamers intensely or seriously to. Insult someone or to show them that he is. Greater than. The others. Still, So Mortal has fallen into controversies. We will not talk about the viral funny clip of him like accidentally abusing his teammates or using bad words.

When Tim’s soul broke. Always. And Ronna gets separated from Team Soul and they decided to. Fly for a different lineup as Team Soul was disbanded. And here. Causes pure misunderstanding and. Because of this thing. Soul Mortal fall into controversy that he broke the team. After the conversation, the whole matter was solved. But this was the first. Weakest controversy of Full Mountain. The whole thing happened because of. Some misunderstanding from the both sides.

Recently. In 2023. He fall into a controversy without knowing what is the matter. We all know. The in game controls between team Soul and Team God like. And this rivalry have been running from a long time. And recently in troll of. In game moment someone posted a Instagram post and motel reserved that post without knowing what is the matter and. Without knowing the matter he was involved in. A controversy and after many things happened. And he get to know. Lately that he won, he is. Now in a controversy. But as we know that he’s a good guy and he’s a humble person, he didn’t replied anything that can. Work as Petrolina fire means he handled it all with his silence and the matter resolved.

Soul Mortal’s BGMI Id

The BGMI id of Soul mortal is . He receives a lot of friend request on his BGMI ID so it is not possible that you can add him in battleground mobile India.

Soul Mortal BGMI controls and Control code

here is the screenshot of his custom Control with control code. As per the request of his audience he oftenly display the code. When he generates a new code the old code will not work. Control code is UI-fdd802b4-ac12-48c7-a0fe-ce6e3a0697e4

Soul Mortal’s BGMI Sensitivity

Soul Mortal Sensitivity code – SEN-a5e01001-fd83-4da5-Bc0d-47bcl5bdc408

Camera sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 300%

  • 1st person no scope – 300%

  • Tpp aim – 300%

  • Fpp aim – 300%

  • Red dot holographic aim – 30%

  • 2X scope – 29%

  • 3X scope win94 – 20%

  • 4X scope vss – 18%

  • 6X scope – 19%

  • 8X scope – 13%

ADS Sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 300%

  • 1st person no scope – 300%

  • Tpp aim – 300%

  • Fpp aim – 300%

  • Red dot holographic aim – 30%

  • 2X scope – 30%

  • 3X scope win94 – 13%

  • 4X scope vss – 12%

  • 6X scope – 18%

  • 8X scope – 13%

gyroscope Sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 400%

  • 1st person no scope – 400%

  • Tpp aim – 400%

  • Fpp aim – 400%

  • Red dot holographic aim – 250%

  • 2X scope – 250%

  • 3X scope win94 – 185%

  • 4X scope vss – 171%

  • 6X scope – 111%

  • 8X scope – 89%

ADS Gyroscope sensitivity

  • 3rd person no scope – 400%

  • 1st person no scope – 400%

  • Tpp aim – 400%

  • Fpp aim – 400%

  • Red dot holographic aim – 250%

  • 2X scope – 248%

  • 3X scope win94 – 185%

  • 4X scope vss – 185%

  • 6X scope – 110%

  • 8X scope – 90%

Soul Mortal Devices

He has a custom build PC. For more guide you can watch his video available on his YouTube channel that which accessories he used to build his PC. For battleground mobile India game play uses iPhone 15 from along with hyper cloud X headphones.

Soul Mortal Car Collection

Sold model has lavish Maruti Suzuki Swift car. His favourite car is Lamborghini urus.

Soul Mortal’s Bike

He has a Yamaha FZ and Harley Davidson iron 300 which was gifted by his fan.

Soul Mortal’s House

He has a precious house in Maharashtra Mumbai and also he wants apartments in different areas. He has not revealed yet any house property apart from the house he lives.

Soul Mortal Income

It is not easy to guess the actual amount that how much soul mortal makes. He has multiple business and through multiple business he earns a lot of money. If we calculate overall income, he earns monthly 15-25 lakh and his net worth is 3-5 cr.


If we call him one of the most successful gaming personality in India then there is nothing wrong. He has multiple achievements in his name. He holds multiple fan favourite awards and more.


What is Soul Mortal’s Age?

Soul mortal is currently 27 year old.

Who is Soul Mortal’s Brother?

The name of his brother is DJ solo.

What is soul Mortal’s earnings?

he earns monthly 15-25 lakh and his net worth is 3-5 cr.

Soul mortal girlfriend (gf) Name

Soul mortal’s gf’s name is Radiator (Nickname).

Soul Mortal Height

Soul mortal’s height is 170 cm in meters- 1.70 m.

Soul Mortal headphones

He uses Hyper X cloud headphones.

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