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Scout is an Indian professional mobile gamer, YouTuber and Streamer. He is famous for playing Pubg mobile competitive matches. He is one of the best Indian Pubg mobile players. He also has a YouTube channel where he mostly does Live streams of different kinds of games (Mobile and PC Both Games). He has a long experience in Pubg mobile Competitive and performed very well at international levels. Also, he has good experience playing for multiple Pubg mobile teams. Recently, he bought a brand new car Mustang GT.


Tanmay Singh

Nick Name


Date of birth

30 July 1996

Birth Place

Valsad, Gujarat ,India


26 Year Old (in 30 July 2022)


Not known


Not known


Not known


Not known

Educational Qualification



Professional mobile gamer, YouTuber

YouTube Channel

ScOut – 4.47M+ Subscribers

Esport team

Team Xspark

Marital Status




Early Life

Scoutop’s real name is Tanmay Singh. He was born on 30 July 1996 in Valsad, Gujarat, India. Currently, he is 24 years old (as of 14 May 2021). He completed his schooling from his hometown Valsad, Gujarat and after, he completed Engineering in mechanical. His father is a businessman who wanted Tanmay to be a businessman but he always supported him. Tanmay was very passionate about football. He wanted to make his career in football. He was a good football player even he played national match. Her mother does not want Tanmay to be a football player because she was thinking that football does not have a good future.

One day her mother does not allow him to go for evening practice but Tanmay jumped from the roof and run away from home. Once he was injured during practice and the doctor suggested 6 months of rest. This was a turning point in his career. After this, he decided to make his career in gaming and now we all know about him and what he does.

In childhood, scout used to play Counter-Strike games and in the game, he mostly uses Scout gun because of this his friend used to call him from scout’s name ,and this way Tanmay got his name, Scout.


Initially, he was interested in football and wanted to make his career in football but one injury changed his career from football to mobile gaming.

His dream is to win a world championship for team India. He has a good experience in this Esport journey because he played for many teams and performed at the International level. He has played for team Raw, IND, GodLike, Soul, Xspark, Fanatic, Orange Rock and after that pubg mobile banned in India. Now, he has joined team soul again when a new game Battleground mobile India is coming in India.

When pubg mobile was newly launched in India it introduced India to eSport. Before pubg mobile India, very few people knew about eSport. Scout mastered the pubg mobile and entered the Pubg mobile eSport. His role in-game is Assaulter and Flanker. He is an aggressive player.

The journey in Pubg mobile eSport began with team IND. He played Pubg mobile Star challenge 2018 in November 2018 in team IND but the team could not perform well and finished with 16th Rank.

In Jun 2019, he played Pubg Mobile Club Open Spring Split India with team IND and this time team performed well and got 2nd Rank with a price pool of 30000$. Also, the team qualified for the Global Final and next month in July 2019 team IND played Pubg Mobile Club Spring Split Global Final 2019 but the team could not perform well at the Global level and finished with 23rd Rank.

After this he left team IND and joined team GodLike and spending 4-5 months again left the team and joined team soul and with few days he left the team Soul and created his team XSpark with Ronak and Owais. After some time Xspark’s entire lineup was acquired by Fanatic (a global esports organization).

In November 2019, he played PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: South Asia for team Fanatic and finished with 9th Rank with a 4000$ Price pool.

In May 2020, he played Qume Bitcoin Cup from team fanatic and won the first prize of price 660$.

In Jun 2020, he played PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia RS tournament for team fanatic the performance of the team was average and they got 6th Rank with 3500$ price. Their team qualified for PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: South Asia Finals and the same month they played the game but the performance was not good they got 8th Rank and won 5500$ Price.

In July 2020, he played ESL India Premiership 2020 Summer Season: Finals along with team fanatic and won 2nd place with a price of 3988$.

He played for the team fanatic for a long time but because of some internal reasons team fanatic rejected scout from the lineup. Then scout joined the team Orange Rock.

He played PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: East in August 2020 for team OR and the team performed very well and got second place at the global level with the price of 55000$.

After this Pubg mobile banned in India. To follow government rules scout stopped playing pubg mobile. His youtube channel also affected by the pubg ban he started getting low views because the majority of the audience came from pubg mobile and when scout stopped playing pubg mobile some people stopped watching his video and live stream. Along with pubg mobile ban pubg mobile eSport stopped in India.

Scout started playing other games too like Fall Guys, Valorant, Call of duty mobile, Pubg PC etc.

A Korean company Krafton is launching an alternative game of Pubg mobile, Battleground mobile India specially for Indian people with the same features. and another good thing is that the pubg mobile player will get their old old account in this new Battleground mobile India game. Competitive matches will be reorganized after the game come and we will again see him playing competitive again.

BGMI has been launched in India and everything has been established like before. Scout is back in BGMI competitive and playing with his good friend and teammate Mavi. If you don’t know Mavi, he is a teammate of scout from team Orange Rock. They both felt good with each other so they decided to stick together and play in the same team.

After banning of PubG mobile, the new game BGMI launched in India and Scout joined team soul they played few months in team soul but it doesn’t go good so in a mutual decision with team soul they decided to move on, and after that Scout started playing in his own team (TeamXspark). He started this team in Pubg mobile time before joining team fanatic. He is playing BGMI tournaments from team Xspark. It is the downfall of team Xspark, they tried many different lineups but it’s working.

ScoutOp BGMI ID and In-Game Name

Scout’s BGMI ID is – 5277297232

Scout In Game name – scout frequently changes his in game name so it is difficult to tell current in game name of Scout. His common in game name is ScoutOp.

ScoutOp BGMI Sensitivity

Camera Settings –

3rd Person No Scope – 80%

1st Person No Scope –88%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 50%

2x Scope –30%

3x Scope, Win94 –21%

4x Scope, VSS –10%

6x Scope –25%

8x Scope – 40%

ADS Settings –

3rd Person No Scope – 80%

1st Person No Scope –88%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 50%

2x Scope –30%

3x Scope, Win94 –20%

4x Scope, VSS –10%

6x Scope –25%

8x Scope – 30%

Free Look Settings –

3rd Person Camera (Character, Vehicle) – 155%

1st Person Camera (Character) – 156%

Camera (Parachuting) – 180%

Gyroscope Settings –

3rd Person No Scope – 300%

1st Person No Scope –300%

Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist – 350%

2x Scope –250%

3x Scope, Win94 –250%

4x Scope, VSS –60%

6x Scope –60%

8x Scope – 30%

ScoutOp Controls

Control, and Sensitivity Code

Latest control code isn’t available right now or last shared code isn’t working. Will update when working code will available.


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