PUBG Mobile Super League SEA 2024 : Schedule, Point Table, Teams, Prize Pool, & More

PUBG Mobile Super League Southeast Asia is finally announced and This will be a huge tournament starting in February 2024. Once again, we are going to witness the battle between all the Champion Teams from different regions of Asia for the Championship title. This event is starting from the last week of February and it will We continue till the third week of March. We will enjoy the Grand Final Matches in the third week of March. Champions team from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia’s best team will fight in this great Battle for the Champions title of Pubg mobile. From these four regions , total 24 teams will be participating in the tournament and Share a good Prize pool. Your favorite teams are also playing the tournament. Keep reading the post, we will give you complete information about the full schedule, prize pool and Name of the teams of this tournament.


PUBG Mobile Super League (PMSL)


KRAFTON, Level Infinite, VSPO,

Game version

PUBG Mobile

Game mode

Squads TPP




Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Start Date


End Date


Number of teams


PUBG Mobile Super League SEA 2024 Full Schedule

24 teams are going to play this tournament and 20 teams out of these 24 teams are partner teams. Which have direct invitation for this Championship trophy and four teams from different regions are directly invited in this tournament from each region.

all these 24 teams will play league matches of three weeks starting from 21 of February To 10th of March. After this three weeks of league matches, top 16 teams from this league matches will be qualified for the grand final matches.


Match days


Feb 21st – 25th


Feb 28th – Mar 3rd


Mar 6th – 10th


Mar 15th – 17th

PUBG Mobile Super League SEA 2024 All Teams

#Indonesia –

Alter Ego Ares

Players: Boycil, Hans4you, Rosemary, Okta, Alva, Badru

Staff: Morfeus, Potato

Qualifier: Partner Team

Bigetron RA

Players: Satarles (Star), Lapar, Luxxy, Zuxxy, GenFos

Staff: Capt, SVAFVEL

Qualifier: Partner Team

BOOM Esports

Players: Frentzy (Frenzzy), Flyboy

Qualifier: Partner Team


Players: Nerpehko, Asaa, noMrcy, Hexaz, Snape

Coach: Nougat

Qualifier: Partner Team

VOIN Esports

Players: Maxius, KeyMine, Zeta, Dimzy

Qualifier: Partner Team

Morph GPX

Qualifier: Partner Team

Talon Esports

Players: Misery, RedFace, Linxx, Linixx, Axel

Staff: S1NYO, La Flame

Qualifier: Partner Team

Pigmy Team

Players: Dron

Qualifier: PMNC Indonesia

#Malaysia –

Geek Fam

Players: Izane

Qualifier: Partner Team


Players: Dep, Kenny, uHigh, Brian, Looyou

Staff: SlyDD, Pasha, Draxx (Analyst)

Qualifier: Partner Team

Yoodo Alliance

Players: AdikLuq, Oliyo, JimmyOP, FlaxOP, LeonDZ (id)

Staff: MosGoku, Repoboy (Analyst)

Qualifier: Partner Team

Yoodo O-TWO

Players: Jumper, Fredo

Qualifier: Partner Team

Notes: Jan 23rd – O-Two Esports announces collaboration with Yoodo Esports forming Yoodo O-TWO.


Players: Tamm, ROCKY, Cleon, Iftar, Ryuu

Qualifier: Partner Team


Players: Newbies, Chewie, Miyye, Vokey, IronPRO, Putra

Coach: ChillReX

Qualifier: Partner Team

PEA Baruz

Players: Jim, Blaze, LexOP, Kiddo, Adamm

Coach: Aduka

Qualifier: PMNC Malaysia

#Thailand –

FaZe Clan

Players: Vintorez, MORMAN, Onzenxs, MELA, 9Noizz (Hail Esports TH)

Qualifier: Partner Team

The Infinity

Qualifier: Partner Team

Vampire Esports

Qualifier: Partner Team

Xerxia Esports

Qualifier: Partner Team

Team NKT (52Up Esports)

Players: THEGoT, MrJo, TripleF, Spidert4n, 1S4D

Qualifier: PMNC Thailand



Players: Franky, Lamborghini, CHUA, LeVis, ParaJin, NadeTii (vn)

Coach: Ge

Qualifier: Partner Team

Team Flash

Qualifier: Partner Team

ROY Esports

Players: Silence, Valak7 (vn), Nguyen2K, TusK (vn), Liebe (vn)

Coach: Louis

Qualifier: Partner Team

Team X (Vietnamese team)

Players: Rabiz (vn), BreaK (vn), Soaz (vn), TrangX (vn), Jikey (vn), Vipz (vn)

Qualifier: PMNC Vietnam

Prize pool

Prize pool will be updated…

Point table

The point table will be updated when the tournament will start and team will play matches. Once the tournament start and players play the matches, we will try to update the point table quickly as possible as. Daily Point Table and overall point table will be different.

Overall Point table

Will be updated soon… .

Daily Point table

Will be updated soon…

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