Pubg Mobile Dino Mode : 10 Things You will really Enjoy


Pubg mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Add time to time pubg mobile Comes with some exciting events. Pubg mobile again came with a new event The Dino mode. The Dino mod is a pre-history-based mode in which mode you will see a lot of Dinosaurs on the map. this mode is so interesting mode you can use these dinosaurs making the game more fun and also winning the match. these dinosaurs can be used in multiple ways. there will be a total of three types of Dinosaurs in this mode. the dinosaurs will be t-rex, Velociraptor and

10 things you can do on pubg mobile Dino mode

  1. Pet a dinosaur – Dinosaurs in the Dino mode will appear in different places and can’t be your pet from the appearance on the map. you need to pet a dinosaur to utilize the dinosaur on the map. you can even ride the dinosaur after petting it.
  2. Step on vehicles – have you ever seen Godzilla movie. when Godzilla enters the city he destroys almost everything in the city same will happen here in the game. when you pet a dinosaur you can use it to escape from vehicles doesn’t matter how big a vehicle that is it will destroy it completely even if any enemy is inside the vehicle he will also get knocked. the dinosaur can easily destroy any vehicle even the monster truck. you can also use attack your enemy. when the dinosaur step on the enemy he will get knocked. you can use this tactic to attack your enemy and can easily get chicken dinner.
  3. Swim on the water – when you are stuck in the blue zone and want to cross the river then you can utilize the t rex to cross the river. the velociraptor cannot cross the river if you use the velocity after to cross he will sink. if you have a T Rex then you can easily cross any river. it is way better than swing because the swimming speed of humans is very slower and if you get spotted once you will get killed. cross the river it is a better idea to use the t-rex to cross the river at low risk.
  4. Jump on the rooftop – at intense fight if you want to take advantage of a higher area like a rooftop then you can use the t-rex to jump on the rooftop. the t-rex is a larger dinosaur you can easily reach any rooftop. you can use the exit feature to do this. when the rooftop office is at your left side and you exit from the dinosaur you will get into the rooftop but first time you need to practice a few times.
  5. Direct Rush on the enemy – the dinosaurs are way more powerful and if there is any enemy in front of you and the enemy doesn’t have any pet dinosaur then you can directly Rush at your enemy gives you a lot of advantages. like if you have a tea Rex then you can step on your enemy to kill them either if you have a velociraptor then you can quickly get near the and me and good then you can easily kill them because when you jump out of the velociraptor you won’t get any fall damage.
  6. Make cover – when you are stuck in the open area and your enemy has the advantage of cover and you are in danger situation, in such condition you can use your Dinosaur as a temporary cover. to make your dinosaur a cover you need to kill your dinosaur Sach’s huge dinosaur will give you enough cover from your opponent. but after killing your dinosaur you won’t be able to use that dinosaur again. This tactic can be used when you are in a difficult situation.
  7. Hot drop and shoot at triangle – like every event there are such hot drops where you will get a lot of loot in less time. there will be many hard drop places where you will see triangle-shaped structures when you shoot that triangle-shaped structure you will get a lot of loots. this is the best method to get loot quickly. also if you open that will jump at the same spot then you need to be a little careful.
  8. T rex can step on step on velociraptors – as we know that the t Rex is one of the most powerful dinosaurs in the Dino mode. like T Rex can step on vehicles the T-rex is also capable to step on a velociraptor. Velociraptors are smaller than T Rex. When the t-rex will step on the velociraptor the velociraptor will get killed. so if your opponent is running using velocity you can kill your opponent by stepping on a velociraptor
  1. Climb on bone – at the hot drop there will be a huge bone of dinosaur where you can climb and there will be a place where you can spot all your enemies and easily eliminate your enemy from the match. this is a tactic to eliminate the enemy quickly.
  2. No damage on velociraptors – when you are riding a velociraptor and suddenly at the speed you jump out of the velociraptor then you will not get any fall damage. most of the time when you jump from a lower height you get a smaller fall damage. but when you jump out of the velociraptor you will not get any fall damage. doesn’t matter how speed you are going you will not get any fall damage when you get the velociraptor. you can use your advantage to quickly attack your enemy.

There are many more things that you can do in the Dino mode. and won’t be Run for a time so enjoy the game. if you are a steamer or content creator it will be very fun for you because you can use these raptors to create a lot of good content. This Dino mode is very much interesting mode. enjoy the game and have fun.


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