Pokémon: How To Catch New Mythical Pecharunt Indigo Disk

After the launch of the new Pokémon Pecharunt, it has become the center of everyone’s attention in the game. We all know that, from time to time, we receive some surprising updates on Pokémon, and after the release of the DLC, data miners have introduced us to a new legendary and mythical Pokémon: Pecharunt. If you are one of those who are looking for a guide on how to catch this new legendary Pokémon, Pecharunt, we will try to provide you with complete information about this new Pokémon. Apart from this legendary Pokémon, many more Pokémon have been added to the DLC.

How to Get the Pecharunt Indigo Disk

Currently, the new legendary Pokémon is not available for catching. If the Pokémon is added in the DLC, that means soon you will get to know how to catch this new legendary and mythical Pokémon.

When Will Pecharunt Be Available to Catch?

The new mathematic character or Pokémon, Pecharunt, is currently everyone’s concern and a point of great interest. For now, the information is limited, so we cannot say exactly how or when you will be able to catch the new magical Pokémon. The only information we have is through leaks on many websites and fan pages. According to those leaks, the new Pokémon will be stats-based and popular. The stats of this Pokémon look good compared to other Pokémon.

What is Pecharunt?

The idea of the new Pokémon is taken from the Japanese folklore hero Momotarō (Peach Boy). This new Pokémon has some special abilities that will help in the game. Pecharunt was previously teased in The Teal Mask as part of The Loyal Three and Ogerpon’s tale. Pecharunt is a Poison/Ghost-type Pokémon.

Pecharunt Abilities

Malignant Chain is Pecharunt’s signature move. It deals damage and has a 50% chance of badly poisoning the opponent.

Pecharunt Stats

According to Bulbapedia, these are Pecharunt’s base stats:

– HP: 88

– Attack: 88

– Defense: 160

– Sp. Atk: 88

– Sp. Def: 88

– Speed: 88

– Total: 600

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