Mazy On Leaks About BGIS : Battleground mobile India series 2023


Battleground mobile India series 2023 : Battleground mobile India series is one of the most popular tournament in BGMI community. after the launch of the game everyone is waiting for this official tournament. in the ban period many players had seen practicing game. this official tournament is use opportunity for all the Gamers in the community, specially for the underdog players. we have seen that in BGMI community only those teams get priority who are playing for a long time and had performed in any official tournament. New teams don’t even get any recognition because of high competition.

During a live stream Mazy was interacting with audience and he gave leak about the BGIS 2023. according to him Battleground mobile India series 2023 will start from 16 to 20 July 2023.

BGIS 2023 will we great opportunity for the new rising stars. many teams lacking for a good device and also do not have sponsor, it will also a great opportunity for them when they will perform it is huge chance that they will get a good sponsor.

Mazy is a popular caster in India. he does commentary to BGMI tournaments in Hindi. We know that casters play an important role in any tournament. when any event is near to happen firstly official have to look for the casters to cast the game, so casters have leak about what is coming.

In BGMI community we have seen many casters giving leaks about any upcoming event related to the BGMI tournaments. it is expected to see start of BGIS 2023 between 16 to 20 July.

What changes we will see?

With time to time many thing changes tournament formats. the current point system is changed. the points for chicken dinner is reduced and organizers are giving priority to finish point to see a lot of fights to make the game interesting. The structure of tournament will be also changed.

BGIS registration date

Nothing has been revealed till now. the registration will be begin soon. The Gamers who are looking to participate in this tournament should keep practicing and grinding hard for this tournament.


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