Krafton Disqualifies 13 Teams from BGIS 2024 for Rule Violations

The BGIS 2024 Round 1 qualifiers recently concluded, revealing a mix of unexpected underdog triumphs and seasoned teams’ dominance. Amidst the excitement, Krafton, the event organizer, sparked controversy by disqualifying multiple teams before Round 2 began. These disqualifications stem from the detection of cheating and ringing activities during the qualifiers.

In a recent statement, Krafton announced the disqualification of 13 teams from BGIS 2024 due to rule violations. These infractions mainly involved the unauthorized use of devices and engagement in ringing. Krafton stressed the paramount importance of integrity and fairness in their competitions, affirming their unwavering dedication to maintaining an equitable gaming environment.

Among the disqualified teams are well-known entities like INFLAME ESPORTS, INFORM ESPORTS, BLACK BULLS, TEAM XPERT, FLY HIGH, TEAM TEASERS, IPS ESPORTS, NIXE ESPORTS, TEAM FEARLESS FORCE, EXCUSE ESPORTS, CRINGE ESPORTS, FEAR THE WRATH, and RUTHLESS ESPORTS. These teams were found to have breached the BGIS 2024 Rulebook guidelines.

According to section 6.2.4 of the BGIS 2024 Rulebook, any form of playing under another player’s account or Gamertag, or soliciting others to do so, is strictly forbidden. Krafton’s decision to disqualify these teams underscores their commitment to upholding the integrity of competitive gaming events.

While these teams have been disqualified, it remains uncertain whether further actions will be taken against them. Krafton’s swift response to the violations demonstrates their commitment to fair play and sustaining the competitive ethos of the BGIS event series.

The disqualification of these teams underscores the persistent challenge of combating cheating and unfair practices in esports competitions. As the esports landscape expands, organizers like Krafton face the imperative of implementing stringent measures to uphold fair play standards and safeguard the integrity of competitive gaming.

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