How to move faster in pubg mobile?


If you are a PUBG MOBILE fan, then you must have played a lot of games. The moment of character plays an important role in the gameplay. Have you ever seen Indian player Jonathan Gaming? His gameplay style is very much better. His jiggle movement makes his game more better? When your movement Is good, then you can Defeat your enemy easily. Do you know why the beginner players get killed easily? Because of their very slow and poor movement. Enemy can Spot them easily and they don’t need to struggle a lot to aim the player.

If your movement is good and you have a good gun power, then you can easily defeat your any enemy. And no one can stop you to be a pro player.

There are few tips and tricks by following them you can make your movement faster in pubg mobile.

How to move faster in pubg mobile?

If you’re not beginner And you think that your movement is much slower than other players? Then how could you make your movement faster? If your movement is normal like other players, then everything is fine and you don’t need to change any setting to make your movement faster.


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