How To Kill Worm Monster in Prince of persia: The Lost Crown

Are you struggling to navigate past those worm-like creatures blocking the path of the Prince of persia: The Lost Crown, only to be repeatedly thwarted by these masked beings? The challenge is formidable, as these aggressive creatures guard the passage vigorously, launching a relentless attack as soon as you enter their domain. Attempting to push through them head-on can be perilous, considering their strength and the potential for significant damage. This guide sheds light on a strategy to bypass these stone-masked worms and advance in the game.

Locating the Monstrous Worm

These masked worms vigilantly guard the depths of the tunnel, concealed within the catacomb area. Upon entering the tunnel and progressing toward the catacombs, these gigantic worm-like creatures materialize abruptly, initiating a fierce assault to drive you away from the passage. Overcoming these creatures is crucial to advancing further. However, confronting them directly is a risky move, as it often results in substantial damage, making it nearly impossible to eliminate them from the front. A well-thought-out strategy is essential to overcome these formidable adversaries.

Defeating the Masked Worms

To conquer the worms in the depths of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, head towards the entrance of the lower city, paving your way through the tunnel. As you progress, you’ll encounter massive creatures . Eliminating these creatures requires a specific power that you must acquire in the third chapter, The Tiger and Mouse. In an inaccessible area of the depth, following an old man who has stolen your map, you engage in boss fights against the alternate Sargon. Upon defeating the Sargon, you obtain the shadow power, activated by pressing R1 on your controller or E on your keyboard. This power enables you to deceive the giant monsters in the tunnel, facilitating successful navigation.

How can one Kill the worm-like monster in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown?

To overcome this obstacle and progress, employ your Shadow in Chapter 3: The ability, obtained during this chapter, enables you to create a clone of yourself possessing unique powers. By utilizing this power, a clone is generated, aiding you in teleporting behind the colossal monsters led by John Foresters. As you reach the backside of these giants, you’ll notice a red tail—a vulnerable spot. Unlike the resilient masked stone, attacking this sensitive tail requires less effort. Instead of squandering resources on the masked foes, focus on exploiting the weakness of the monsters to easily defeat them and proceed through the tunnel.

In summary, overcoming the challenges posed by the masked worms in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown demands strategic thinking and the acquisition of specific powers. By following these guidelines, you can effectively bypass these formidable adversaries and progress through the game with confidence.

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