How to kill or Utilize Frog in Candy Crush (Any Level)

Are you stuck in any level which contains a Frog? You are stuck in this level because you don’t know how to use this. Many people are confuse, what is this actually? A Blocker or a booster? Without knowing its you can’t utilize is.

In Candy Crush Game a Frog Candy is a useful candy which helps the player to complete any level. You don’t have to kill this candy. you can utilize this candy to break tiles and surrounded candy.

How to Utilize Frog Candy In Candy Crush Game (In Any Level)

  1. First check what is the color of frog candy.
  2. Feed the frog with same colors candy. Make three candy in a continuous line.
  3. When you feed this frog it will be ready to use the frog. When frog became fat or any circle around the frog ready to use. This stage is know as Frogtastic.
  4. When Frog candy is ready to use move this candy to any tile. To do this first click on frog candy and then click at the tile you want to move.
  5. It will crush the tile and blocker and candy and 8 candies around it.

[Note – Some special candies give extra power when you use them to feed the Frog candy. Like Striped Candy, Color Bomb ]

How many times we can use this Frog Candy.

Once you move the candy then it will change the color. You can again start feeding this frog candy and utilize is when it became matured. This frog candy is very useful candy and you can use until your level is completed.

There is not any maximum or minimum number to use Frog candy. You can use till your last move.

[Note – In the case when your Frog candy is covered with chocolate you can’t use it directly. To use this candy you need to first break the chocolate layer.]


Q1. How to kill Frog candy?

Ans – You can’t kill Frog candy or we can say you don’t need to its friendly candy. You can use to complete your level. Feed he frog with same color candy or with special candy.

Q2. Is frog Candy disappear when covered with chocolate?

Ans – No! when frog candy is covered with chocolate it won’t disappear but to use this Frog candy you will need to break the Chocolate layer.

Q3. How to use Frog candy in Candy Crush Game?

Ans – When you feed enough candy to Frog. Touch this Frog candy and then click at the tile where you want to move this candy. It will break the blocker and candies.

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