Free Fire : 2 Fingers Vs 3 Fingers which is Best


Free Fire is a battle Royale mobile game. One of the most leading game in mobile gaming industry. With time, the number of players and the skill of players improving day by day and competition is increasing. To compete against the pro player, every new beginner and the old players are trying to improve their gameplay and searching for the best custom HUD to make their game faster than before to win the matches.

Free Fire (FF Max) 2 Finger vs 3 Finger Difference


Thumb Player

Three-Finger Player

Playing Style

Typically uses thumb for controls

Utilizes three fingers for more precise movement and aiming

Movement Speed

slower movement

Fast Movement

Aiming and Shooting Accuracy

Good for close range

Better aiming and accuracy with fast movement

Reaction Time

Reaction time may be slightly slower

Typically has faster reaction times due to more control options

Button Configuration

Limited buttons on the screen

Utilizes multiple on-screen buttons for various actions

Quick Weapon Switching

May take longer to switch weapons

Can quickly switch between weapons

Gloo Wall Speed

Slower and reaction time is less

Fast and Quick Gloo wall placement and Fast movement

Overall Skill Level

Skill level may vary widely

Generally has a higher skill ceiling due to advanced controls

Learning control

Easier for beginners

Requires practice to master

Competitive Advantage

May excel in close combat situations

Has an advantage in long-range fights and complex battles. Best for fast movement and fast gloo wall and gun swiching movement. Many actions will be faster in this control.

What is the real matter of Free Fire (2 Finger vs 3 Finger)

For a long time, players have been confused about that which is best for a good game play? There are many different types of players, mostly the beginners, plays with only thumbs. Not only beginners, but also many players who feel comfort with thumbs playing with thumbs and there are also many players who play with three and four finger.

I will say the majority of the players play with three fingers and most of the pro players say that the three finger gameplays is much more faster than thumb players and also there are many players who play with fore finger and even five fingers.

If we compare the gameplay of the thumb players, three Finger players, or four finger players, and Five finger players. You will also agree that the more finger you use in the game, your gameplay will be much faster.

But that doesn’t mean you are playing with three fingers then thumb player cannot defeat you, but there are many players who play with thumbs and their gameplay is very good. The movement speed and everything is perfect. Even Many thumb players are better than many three finger players. And this doesn’t mean that every ship to the three fingers or four fingers players can defeat any opponent that use thumbs. You can play good or bad, can defeat your opponent or not, It depends upon your skills.

It Is just a myth that. Thumb players cannot defeat 3 winger players. There are many pro thumb players who are capable to defeat any opponent even three finger, four finger players. But we have seen and it Is proven that If you play with three fingers your moment, using glue wall and other accessories is much faster than thumb players.

Most of the players are always confused about this that it is good to play as a thumb player of multiple fingers player. Showing their interest, to know which is better thumb player or three finger or more fingers? The only one clear answer I would like to give you that you must try it yourself and practice with both thumbs and three fingers and find in which control your gameplay is better.

Do it yourself, Don’t believe in any other who says that this is better and you should try this because if they can play better on that control that doesn’t sense anything if somebody playing comfortable in a control that doesn’t mean everyone will play as good as them in that control. Experiment with your controls and play with different HUD and find your own comfort zone.

Does playing FF on Thumbs or 3 fingers impact on gameplay

The only one clear answer is that it really impacts the gameplay. If you have fast moments and accuracy, then definitely the gameplay will be much better. We can understand this by an example – In a company we have a work to do which requires minimum two people to operate and work and if same work is done by three peoples, the work will be much more easier and the work will be done earlier than the two peoples. Same thing applies here if we use multiple fingers to play the game. Our gameplay will be faster. We can move the joystick faster, add gloo wall faster, switch gun and many more. While playing with only thumbs we can do only two things at a time. The operations are limited to the only two things at a time, or at a moment. but In three finger or four finger gameplay. We can do multiple things at a time together. We can quickly switch the gun, quickly build gloo wall and also we can quickly reload the gun and many more things we can do much faster than the thumb player. Definitely the more finger you will use, more advantages you have.It impacts a lot if you are comfortable with that and you master that control.

I’m very comfortable with two thumb gameplay. Should I shift to the three fingers.

If you are very comfortable with thumbs and your game play is very impactful and you’re thinking to shift towards the three finger. Personally I would not like to suggest you to shift to 3 fingers. The main aim and object to shift to the three finger is that your to improve your gameplay, but you already have a good game play, then you don’t need to shift to the three fingers. There are many players who has mastered the thumb Gameplay and they’re very fast. They can easy take down three or four finger players. And if you think you are one of those and you already capable to defeat any three finger players. Then you don’t need to shift to three fingers. Who has to shift on three fingers? whose game plays is slower and they mostly lose. That one who always get defeated in the game and they are very disappointed with their gameplay and want to improve their gameplay and they don’t want to ruin the fun by losing every game. If you are already comfortable with that thumb gameplay and your gameplay is good. You capable to win 1vs1 then you you are at a good place and you don’t need to do anything.


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