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Pubg mobile is leading mobile game in the world. It has grown its own esport. If I am not wrong this is one of the most played battle Royale mobile game in the world. This game is played on most of the countries on the world. You can directly download from Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. PUBG Mobile is a mobile version of the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) developed by Tencent Games. PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company Bluehole, is the developer of the original PUBG game. The headquarters of PUBG Corporation is located in Seoul, South Korea.

PUBG Mobile is available on both Android and iOS devices and is distributed globally by Tencent Games, a Chinese multinational conglomerate. The servers for PUBG Mobile are located in various regions around the world to provide low latency and smooth gameplay for players.

Krafton Game Union is the studio who made pubg pc, not mobile. Krafton is owned by bluehole. However, pubg pc is banned in china, so Tencent gaming saw potential in the game, and bought shares of bluehole and became a partner of bluehole. Then Tencent asked Bluehole if they could make a mobile version of the game, and blue hole agreed. So pubg mobile was originally released for china, but then it became a hit, and was released worldwide. So technically, Tencent Gaming developed pubg mobile, but it based off the pc game developed by Krafton, so this is why krafton, pubg corporation, blue hole, and Tencent are shown on the welcoming screen. To clear this last part up a bit, pubg corporation is owned by krafton, which is owned by blue hole, which is partly owned by Tencent.

This game requires good performing device. Good performing device mean minimum 4GB ram and a good processor. This game comes with apk file and OBB file In manually installation process. You also need to the unknown source installation option from your Android device. This version of APK is only for Android devices. For IOS you need to download iOS version pubg mobile APK.

This latest version of pubg mobile game comes with new features and many bugs fixed.

The graphics is very good and this is an addictive game. You will really enjoy playing this game. On every update team provides many new features and events that you will never feel bored playing this game.

To play this game you just need to sign up through your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Gmail ID. playing once or twice you will understand it perfectly how to play this game and after sometime you will definitely get how to modify controls according to your gameplay. Under a week you can play like a pro player.

Note – Before copying the obb file to the OBB folder first unzip the file.

How to install Pubg Mobile Apk+ OBB

  1. First Download the APK and OBB both file.
  2. To install the APK you need to enable Unknown Source on your Android Device. When you click on the apk file and click on Install it will take you to Unknown Source option, enable Unknown Source option and then install the Apk.
  3. Now Open the Pubg mobile app you just installed. Now close the app.
  4. Now open File manager and find Android Folder. Open this folder and here you will find OBB folder under this folder you will get Pubg mobile folder.
  5. Past the obb file you downloaded from here on Android>OBB>Pubg.

Now Your Pubg mobile game is successfully installed.

What is New in Pubg Mobile 2.4.0

1.    New theme Martial Showdown: Experience eastern martial arts and culture in the new gameplay and themed setting! Added items, such as Dancing Lion, for you to experience the festive season!

2.    Gear Front returns: Added 2 new awesome skills for even more strategic depth. Available February 15!

3.    Firearm and vehicle improvements: Added the Honey Badger and 2-Seat Bike! Starting February 14, during the Valentine’s Day period, they will have a unique themed design!

4.    Metro Royale updates: Added a new map, Fabled equipment, plenty of supplies, and all-new PVE experiences!

New Theme: Martial Showdown

Experience the splendor of eastern martial arts in the new gameplay and themed setting!

  1. Added 2 New Skills

# New skill – Player Launcher: Use the new launching device to launch into the air for high-power traversal.

# New skill – Tactical Camouflage: Equip a special Camo Suit for increased speed of climbing over obstacles.

  1. Other Skills Adjustment

# Supply Crates can now be purchased in the Black Market. A free Basic Supply Crate can now be purchased within the first 5 minutes of a match, and purchasers will receive a full set of equipment. There are also Advanced Supply Crates that contain air drop-quality equipment.

# Supply Scan has been merged with Lucky Backpack. All features of both skills will be available to players who choose Lucky Backpack. Lucky Backpack also no longer increases carrying capacity.

# Playzone Analysis has been merged with Vehicle Air Drop. When using Vehicle Air Drop, the player will also passively scan for the next Playzone and the location of the next air drop.

# Trace improvements: When activated, users can see the remaining Health of marked targets. Trace will now also mark enemies hit by Grenades and Molotov Cocktails.

Erangel Map Updates

Hang Gliders will spawn in some high altitude areas in Erangel. Glide from high areas and make use of updrafts to reach further destinations.

Added an elevator to the Galata Tower. Players can take the elevator to move around the tower swiftly.

Metro Royale Updates

Available: 2023/1/9 at 2:00–2023/3/13 at 00:00 (UTC+0)

New Map: Misty Port. It is available in Basic Mode and Advanced Mode. The map size is 1.8×1.2 km, and will provide even more supplies and intense battles to players. Ziplines, stairs, and other mechanisms have been added for faster movement, while bosses and dynamic events provide an all-new PVE experience.

New Fabled equipment with 1-2 special traits. There is a chance to get Fabled equipment when defeating bosses in matches or opening crates.

Added Draw Packs in Metro Royale’s Black Market: a Premium Firearms Pack and a Premium Armor Pack that have a chance of giving Fabled equipment. They can be purchased with Metro Cash.

Added a Gallery feature in Metro Royale where you can view all special traits.

Added 4 new sellable items (Biological Sample, Processor (GPU), Gold Piles, Lens). They will only be spawned on the new map.

Increased the resistance of Advanced Vests (Lv. 4, 5, 6) to partially withstand explosive damage.

Increased Basic Inventory Capacity by 30.

New Weapon: Honey Badger, Honey Badger (Cobra), Honey Badger (Steel Front).

Game Lobby Inventory Settings Improvements: Hide Advanced Vests in Metro Royale.

Firearm and Vehicle Updates

  1. New Firearms: The Honey Badger fires 7.62mm rounds and has a relatively high firing rate. Ideal for close-quarters combat. It can be found in Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik.
  2. QBZ Improvements:

Base damage: 41 -> 42

Reload time:

Empty magazine: 3.66s -> 3.1s

Half-empty magazine: 3.0s -> 2.5s

Supported maps: Livik and Sanhok

  1. FAMAS Improvements:

Bullet spread when moving reduced by 20%

Maximum horizontal recoil is slightly reduced

Reload time:

Empty magazine: 4.6s -> 3.6s

Half-empty magazine: 2.7s -> 2.5s

Supported maps: Erangel and Livik

  1. SMG improvements


Weapon switch speed increased by 35%

Bullet spread when moving reduced by 30%

✓ UMP45

Weapon switch speed increased by 35%

Bullet spread when moving reduced by 20%

Decreased damage drop-off, increased long-range damage

✓ PP-19 Bizon

Weapon switch speed increased by 35%

Bullet spread when moving reduced by 20%

Base damage: 35 -> 37

  1. Motorcycle Ride Improvements: Improved the firearm animations while on a Motorcycle.
  2. New vehicle: A 2-Seat Bike. A passenger can sit on the back seat and use one-handed firearms. (During the Valentine’s Day period, it will have a Valentine’s Day design. A Valentine’s Day effect will be triggered when two players ride the 2-Seat Bike together. Stay tuned!)
  3. Bicycle Sheds now spawn 2-Seat Bikes. They will be available in Erangel, Miramar, and Livik.

System Improvements:

✓ General Improvements

  1. Classic Map Improvements: When players return to the battleground after respawning, the airplane will display custom finishes.
  2. Spectator Card data now reflects the spectated player’s current season data for the mode being played.
  3. When expanding the mini-map, the route lines become thinner to lower the chance of obscuring information.
  4. In Classic mode, players will now randomly get either an UZI, UMP45, or SCAR-L to take into battle after respawning.
  5. Added a feature to display statistics on Spawn Island. Excellent performances from the previous match (wins, eliminations, badges) can be displayed to teammates via Quick Chat.

✓ Lucky Teammates

  1. Lucky Teammates: The system recommends players as lucky teammates every week. Team up with lucky teammates and win Ranked matches together in Classic Mode to get additional rating points.
  2. Limit: The bonus points perk can only be triggered with each lucky teammate once per week.

3.      Refresh Time: New lucky teammates for the week will be recommended every Monday at 00:00 (UTC+0).

  1. Victory Conditions: Team up with lucky teammates and finish Ranked Classic Mode matches in the Top 30 in Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar or Vikendi, in the Top 15 in Livik or Karakin, or in the Top 10 in Nusa.

✓ Shared Portable Closet

  1. Players may share their Portable Closet with their Partners after reaching a certain amount of Synergy.
  2. The shared Portable Closet is only available when entering the game with the shared Partner. This is available in both Classic mode and Cheer Park.

3.      The shared Portable Closet has a slot and rarity limit for items, as well as a weekly usage limit. In addition, no items will drop after getting eliminated

✓ In-Match Social Button

  1. Added an in-match Social button. Its size can be customized.
  2. Tapping the button lets you check teammate info, add friends, and give RP Respect.

✓ Popularity Gifts

1.      Quick-sending of Popularity Gifts and the visuals of radio messages have been improved.

2.      Added rewards for Weekly Popularity Ranking and Weekly Clout Ranking. Players who ranked No. 1–3 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive a premium Team-Up Special Effect, Card Theme, and Mythic Title. Those who ranked No. 4–10 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive an advanced Team-Up Special Effect, Card Theme, and Mythic Title. Those who ranked No. 11–30 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive a Card Theme and Legendary Title, and those who ranked No. 31–100 in the Weekly Popularity and Clout Ranking will receive an Epic Title.

✓Social Player Card

1.      Added a Social Player Card feature. Players may now set up and display their personalized Player Cards.

2.      Customizable elements: personal tag, voice preference, and preferred weapons and modes.

3.      After filling out the Card, players may share them in the in-game chat or the community.


1.      Increased the character limit of chat messages in the Lobby Chat channel from 96 to 128.

2.      The World Chat now periodically receives official chat security announcements which will be pinned at the top. The messages will contain information about account safety, avoiding pornographic content, and high-risk trades.

3.      Players in Lobby chat will also receive the same warning messages after high-risk messages are sent to the chat.

✓ Chat Recruit

1. Chat recruitment has added the feature to filter languages. Recruitment messages of up to 3 different languages can be filtered at once.

2. Chat recruitment message notification improvements. Recruitment messages are now sent faster.

3.      Chat recruitment Quick Join improvements. Quick Join now prioritizes playing the same map and mode as selected in the Lobby.

4.      Team-Up Platform display improvements. The teams list now refreshes more smoothly.

✓ Recall System

1. The new Recall event adds 2 finishes as rewards that appear as a pop-up window when teaming up which can be redeemed.

2. The Recall System now directly shows the interaction record with returning players e.g. friend duration, number of team-ups, total points earned etc. Tap to see more detailed information.

✓ Data

1.   Improved how the player info page is displayed for those who have switched servers. If a player has data on multiple servers, they can switch servers to check.

2.      Added new Card Themes for Player Cards. Players can customize the theme of their Player Cards.

✓Season Review

1.      Season Review can now be accessed via the Career Stats page. The access point can be toggled on or off in the settings.

2.      Season Review has been visually overhauled with the addition of Tier points, battle stats, team-up data, and more, as well as new icons.

3.      The Share feature has been improved. Players can now share the data on the page or directly share their Season Review with others.

4.      Other players can use the shared Season Review to access the other party’s Career Results for full detailed statistics.

5.      When viewing another player’s Season Review, friend requests and Popularity gifts can be sent.

6.      Season Review will show the total number of visits as well as the total number of gifts received.

7.      Season Review stats are expected to be made available in February. Please stay tuned!

✓Cheer Park Improvements

1.      Quick Draw improvements. The opponent’s location can now be viewed on the mini-map. It is now possible to directly exit from a Quick Draw.

2.      Duel Ring improvements. Footstep sounds now show on the mini-map. Added a scoring and rewards system.

✓ Other

1.      Social Lobby update: Players may now customize the statistics displayed in the Social Lobby.

2.      Rankings: After going to a player’s Personal Space from the Rankings, going back to Rankings now returns players to the original spot that they were browsing.

3.      Lobby Pop-Up improvement: When accomplishing multiple Achievements at the same time, the pop-up window now shows them together, as well as high quality rewards.

4.      Valentine’s Day event: Complete Valentine’s Day missions with friends you’ve established Connections with to get a Custom Status in Moments.

5.      Chat Report improvement: Added “phishing/hacked account” to the chat report system options.

6.      Payment feature notice improvements.

New Season: Cycle 4 Season 10

Available: 2023/1/17 at 2:00–2023/3/20 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

• New Legendary rewards: C4S10 Glasses, C4S10 Set, C4S10 Parachute, C4S10 – AUG, C4S10 Mask, and C4S10 Cover.

•Added a Titles Archive that records the number of times a title has been obtained by a player, highest progress, and seasons in which these titles were obtained.

• Added 4 new season titles (Phenom, Almighty, Medic, Summit) and improved how various pages are displayed.

• Added the ranking points display for Conqueror tier. Every 100 points is a mini-tier, and players can accumulate stars.

• Season badge records for S1-S19 have been updated.

All-Talent Championship

Starting Time: 2023/1/27–2023/3/6 (UTC+0)

•New rewards in the Event Shop: Dazzling Dance Set (Legendary), Dazzling Dance Cover (Legendary), Mysterious Magician Set (Epic), Drifter – Vector (Epic)

• New All-Talent Championship S11 Crate rewards: Dazzling Dance Set (Legendary), Dazzling Dance Cover (Legendary), Mysterious Magician Set (Epic), Drifter – Vector (Epic), Cuddly Croc – UMP45 (Epic), Glorious Sunset Parachute (Epic), Drifter – UZI (Epic)

•New first and second runner-up rewards: Will to Win Set (Legendary), Will to Win Cover (Legendary), Drifter – UZI (Epic), Extreme Racing Parachute (Epic), Peculiar Magician Set (Epic)

Safety Improvements:

  1. Account Security

A guide for raising account security can now be found in the settings. There will be a link that can be tapped for more details.

  1. Merit

Merit penalties for Spawn Island violations in Ranked Classic mode are now more severe.

  1. Report Related

•The in-match Report page now shows a summary guide.

• Players can now see a list of players that knocked them down or eliminated them on the Report page in Classic Mode.

•Players will now receive a pop-up reminder if their report of maliciously injuring teammates has been verified.

  1. Security Detection Improvements

• The ability to detect cheating with regard to auto-aim, no-recoil, or grass removal has been enhanced.

• The ability to detect violations with regard to unfair cooperation has been enhanced, and the report process has been improved.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed an issue in Erangel where players would occasionally get dragged when against the wall in a gas station.

2. Fixed an issue in Erangel where players would sometimes get stuck on the first floor stairwell of some buildings.

3. Fixed an issue in Livik that sometimes caused errors when using Ziplines.

4. Fixed an issue in Metro Royale where bosses would sometimes behave incorrectly.

5. Fixed an issue with various devices where up-close player movement was not smooth.

6. Fixed an issue with teaming up where teammate info would sometimes not show.

Can we install on low end devices?

Many peoples have low performing device and They always ask can they play pubg mobile on thier low performing device?

The answer is, of course you can play on low performance device but as my person experience you will not enjoy the game. Many YouTubers and websites say you can easily play on low performing device but reality is you can only kill bots and new players. as your Rank Increase good players will come on your lobby. When you will go for early fight then really you can kill one or two players then you will get killed by enemy by device Lag.

Comes to high performance vs low performance device On 90% cases, high performance device wins. One another thing, when you want drop clash means 3-4 squads jump at same location your device will start lagging. it is common thing happens with all the Low performance device players even sometime with good devices.

This will reject on you will get frustrated uninstall the game by yourself. It is FPS era. on opponent’s device you will reveal first, until you will see your opponent you will get killed because opponent’s high performing device.

is GFX Tool Helps to Fix Lag?

I am also one of those who started playing on low performing device. Also I have used GFX tool to fix Lag problem. As per my experience it helps a lot. I won’t say it totally fix the lag, it reduces the lag that you can get better gaming experience. It is not like a magic, it just reduces the graphics, fram rate to reduce the resource uses. Your actual graphics will be reduced so you will less lag.

Some people say that GFX tool result in account ban so I will never suggest you to use this tool. I haven’t faced any ban but as per others experience I will not suggest you to use this tool.


To beat the other games in action gaming industry pubg mobile offers a lot of amazing features to their audience. Popular features are following –

(1) Maps – pubg mobile offers 5 maps to their players. These maps are Erangle, Vekendi, Shanhok, Miramar, and Livik. Also there are many other Modes you can enjoy in this game. TDM is one of the most played modes. On 5 maps, Erangle is most popular map. most of the players like to play on this map.

(2) Guns – Pubg Mobile offer many types of Game you will really love all of them. the most popular Guns are M4, AKM, AWM, Few sniper guns. these guns have recoil so if you are playing this game first time you will face very much difficulty to control the recoil. on Mobile device, the best way to control the recoil is using Gyroscope. You will need to practice few times to understand the gyroscope. after some time you will get it how to control the Gyroscope. Sniper guns don’t have recoil.

(3) Online multiplayer – at a time on a lobby Maximum 100 players play the game. So you won’t feel board playing this game. Also this game is onlie game so most of the players are real except bot players. At the initial you will get a lot bot players to get some info or like demo match that your game won’t ruin. Old players doesn’t face that much bots or they face only few bot player. Bot players are easy to killed.

(4) Graphics – the graphics of this game is very good. You will feel like you are on new world. The mobile Gamers will love the graphics.

(5) Outfit and Skins – There are hundreds of Outfit available for the players. Some are unique and some are rare. On every new event Pubg Mobile team brings new Outfit and Skins. There are lot of guns skin available on the game. M4 Glacier is known as one of the rarest gun skin because it’s hard to get but many players in the world have this skin. To purchase the Outfits, Gun and Vehicle Skins you need to purchase UC. Through UC you can do create opening and can directly available for few items.

(6) Vehicles – there are many vehicles you can use to go to one place to another place. These vehicles include – Buggy, Bike, Three seater Bike, Dacia, UAZ, Jeep, BRDM, Boat, Cupe, Tesla, & Lamborghini. These vehicles also come with many skins.

(7). Customizable controls: Players can customize the controls to suit their personal playstyle. Customizable controls are a feature in some video games that allow players to change the default control scheme to a configuration that they prefer. This can be particularly useful for players who are more comfortable using a different button layout or who have specific accessibility needs. To customize the controls, players will usually need to go into the game’s settings menu and select the option to modify the control scheme. From there, they can change the function of each button or joystick on the controller, as well as other settings such as the sensitivity of the analog sticks or the vibration intensity. Some games may also allow players to create and save multiple control schemes, so they can switch between them depending on the type of game they are playing.

(8) Regular updates – PUBG Mobile, regular updates are released to add new content, fix bugs, and improve overall gameplay. These updates can benefit players in several ways:

  • New content: Updates often add new features to the game, such as new weapons, vehicles, and gameplay modes. This keeps the game fresh and interesting for players.
  • Bug fixes: Updates help fix issues with the game, such as glitches or exploits that can affect gameplay. This can improve the overall stability and balance of the game.
  • Improved gameplay: Developers may make changes to the game’s mechanics and balance based on player feedback. These changes can make the game more enjoyable and fair for everyone.
  • Performance improvements: Updates may include optimizations that improve the game’s performance on different devices, making it run smoother and more efficiently.
  • Overall, regular updates can help improve the player’s experience and keep the game fun and enjoyable.

What is New on PUBG MOBILE 2.3.0?

  • Football Star Messi Collaboration is here! Messi invites you to experience the new PUBG MOBILE version!
  • New Football Mania themed gameplay is here! Come experience the sport like never before!
  • Call your friends to form the ultimate team in the Football Carnival!
  • The Official Aftermath Mode is here! Don’t miss the all-new map and features!
  • Vehicle and Firearm Improvements: The bolt-action sniper rifles are stronger now, for more sniping joy!

What to do after installing Pubg Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game where 100 players fight to be the last person standing. Here are the basic steps to playing the game:

  • Download and install PUBG Mobile on your device.
  • Open the game and create an account.
  • Select a game mode (e.g., Solo, Duo, Squad).
  • Choose a region and a server.
  • Select your language and other settings.
  • Select a starting location on the map.
  • Collect weapons and other equipment scattered around the map.
  • Stay within the safe zone to avoid taking damage.
  • Eliminate other players to be the last one standing.
  • Win rewards and achievements for your performance.

Note: PUBG Mobile has a variety of controls, including options for touchscreen devices and gamepad controllers. You can customize the controls in the game’s settings menu.

Is PUBG MOBILE addictive Game

PUBG Mobile is an action-packed multiplayer game that can be highly enjoyable and can also be very addictive. As with any game or activity, it is important to find a healthy balance and to make sure that it is not interfering with other important aspects of your life.

If you are interested in playing PUBG Mobile, it is a good idea to set limits for yourself to ensure that you are not spending too much time on the game. It can also be helpful to take breaks and engage in other activities in between gaming sessions.

Ultimately, the amount of time that you choose to spend playing PUBG Mobile is up to you and will depend on your personal preferences and schedule. Just be sure to practice moderation and prioritize your other responsibilities and obligations.

Game is Played on how many countries

According to the PUBG Mobile website, the game is available in over 200 countries and regions. It is played by millions of people and has a large global player base.

It Is worth noting that PUBG Mobile was banned in several countries due to concerns about its impact on players’ behavior and potential for addiction. However, the ban has since been lifted in most of these countries, and the game is now widely available and played around the world.

PUBG Mobile is a popular game that is played in many countries around the world. It is difficult to provide a complete list of all countries where PUBG Mobile is played, as the game is constantly being downloaded and played in new countries. However, some countries where PUBG Mobile is especially popular include China, Indonesia, South Korea, Bangladesh, Nepal, , Africa, and the United States. Other countries where PUBG Mobile is played include Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, and many others.

Pubg Mobile Events

PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile) has several events that are held on a regular basis. These events can include in-game challenges, tournaments, and other special activities that are designed to provide players with new and exciting ways to play the game. Some events are only available for a limited time, while others may be ongoing. Past events have included special modes, such as zombie survival, winter-themed events, and more.

There are many different types of events that have been held in PUBG Mobile. Some examples include:

  • In-game challenges: These are special challenges that are available to all players, and often offer rewards such as in-game currency or items.
  • Tournaments: PUBG Mobile has held several tournaments, both online and offline, that allow players to compete for prizes.
  • Special modes: PUBG Mobile has introduced several special modes, such as zombie survival and winter-themed events, which offer a unique twist on the standard gameplay.
  • Collaborations: PUBG Mobile has also held events that feature collaborations with other brands, such as movies or TV shows, which offer themed items and other special content.
  • In-game events: PUBG Mobile often holds events that are based on real-world holidays or events, such as Valentine’s Day or Halloween, which offer special in-game items and activities.
  • Seasonal events: PUBG Mobile has a seasonal event system that introduces new content, such as weapons and outfits, on a regular basis

Things You Won’t Like in PUBG MOBILE

There are several things that some gamers may not like about PUBG Mobile:

  • Microtransactions: Some players may not like the fact that PUBG Mobile has microtransactions, which allow players to purchase in-game items and cosmetics with real money.
  • Balance issues: Some players may feel that the game is unbalanced, with certain weapons or attachments being overpowered.
  • Cheating: PUBG Mobile has had a problem with players cheating by using hacks or third-party software. This can be frustrating for players who are trying to play fairly.
  • Connection issues: Some players may experience connection problems, such as lag or dropped games, which can be frustrating.
  • Toxic players: Like any online game, PUBG Mobile can sometimes attract players who are rude or disrespectful to others. This can make the game less enjoyable for some players.

There are several ways that hackers can ruin your fun in PUBG Mobile:

  • Cheating: Hackers can use various tools to cheat in the game, such as aimbots or wallhacks, which give them an unfair advantage over other players. This can make the game feel frustrating and unrewarding for non-hacking players.
  • Spamming: Hackers can spam in-game chat with insults, advertisements, or other unwanted messages, disrupting the game experience for other players.
  • Griefing: Hackers may intentionally try to ruin the game for other players by killing them repeatedly, stealing their loot, or otherwise hindering their progress.
  • Server disruption: Hackers may attempt to disrupt the game’s servers by launching a denial of service (DoS) attack, which can cause the game to become unplayable for everyone.
  • To protect yourself from these types of hackers, it’s important to use a reputable security software and to report any suspicious activity to the PUBG Mobile team.

How to become Good Player in Pubg Mobile

To become a pro player in PUBG Mobile, you will need to:

  • Practice consistently: The more you play, the better you will become. Try to play as often as you can, and try to play in different modes (solo, duo, squad) to improve your skills in all aspects of the game.
  • Learn the maps: Familiarize yourself with the different maps in PUBG Mobile. Know where the best loot is, and learn the layout of the map so you can navigate it effectively.
  • Improve your aim: Aiming is a crucial skill in PUBG Mobile. Practice your aim by shooting at targets in the training mode, or by playing other games that require good aim (such as first-person shooters).
  • Learn the weapons: Each weapon in PUBG Mobile has its own strengths and weaknesses. Learn the characteristics of each weapon, and practice using them so you can use the right weapon for the right situation.
  • Communicate with your team: PUBG Mobile is a team-based game, so communication is key. Make sure to communicate with your teammates and coordinate your strategies.
  • Learn from your mistakes: When you die in PUBG Mobile, take a moment to analyze what went wrong. Was it your positioning? Your aim? Your decision-making? By learning from your mistakes, you can improve your play and increase your chances of survival.
  • Stay up to date: PUBG Mobile is constantly being updated with new features and balance changes. Make sure to stay up to date with the latest patch notes so you know what has changed in the game.

Remember, becoming a pro player takes a lot of time and practice. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see improvement right away. Keep playing and learning, and you will eventually see your skills improve

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