Download GTA On Android For Free

GTA is one of the most popular games on PC, with millions of gamers enjoying its amazing graphics. Did you know there’s also a mobile version of this game available on the Play Store? However, unlike the PC version, the mobile version isn’t free to play; you need to pay a small amount to access it on your Android device. Additionally, the graphics on the Android version may not be as impressive as those on PC due to differences in screen size and game size

The main difference in graphics between the PC and Android versions is due to processor capabilities. Gaming PCs have powerful processors capable of handling large game sizes, but Android devices are generally lower-performing and cannot handle such large games. To offer an experience similar to GTA on Android, developers have created smaller-sized games tailored for these devices. While the official version of GTA available for Android is decent, it’s still quite different from the original PC version.

If you’re eager to enjoy the game or simply want to experience what it’s like to play GTA on Android, you can easily download the game from the Play Store and dive right in.

Many third-party developers have attempted to create games similar to GTA V, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and other GTA versions for Android. However, these games have not been officially released by the GTA developer team or Rockstar Games for Android devices. The official versions of the games are available on the Google Play Store, where you can find them.

We’re sharing the unofficial versions of the GTA games here. Simply click on the download link to download the file, then extract the zip file and install the APK. Finally, move the OBB file to the designated game OBB file option.

How to download GTA games on Android

Downloading GTA games for your Android device is simple. We’ve provided download links for all available games here. Click on the download link next to each game. As there are multiple versions of GTA games available, such as GTA V, GTA IV, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA Liberty City, you can choose the one you prefer.


DOWNLOAD GTA San Andreas – Download





DOWNLOAD GTA Liberty City – Download


Note: Before downloading the game, it’s important to mention that the official version available on the Google Play Store may not provide the same experience as the original PC version of GTA. Therefore, we’re sharing unofficial versions developed by third-party companies or developers. Use these games at your own risk. If you prefer the original version of GTA available for Android devices, you can purchase it directly from the Google Play Store.

How to install the game after downloading the file

Once you click on any of the links provided above, here’s what to do next. You’ll receive a zip file, which you can’t directly install. First, extract the zip file to any folder in your Android device’s file manager. Then, follow these steps:

1. Extract the zip file of the GTA game.

2. You’ll find an APK and an OBB file.

3. Click on the APK file and press the install button. (If it asks for unknown source file installation permission, you’ll need to enable this option in your device’s settings).

4. After installing the APK, select the OBB file and choose the move or copy option. Navigate to the Android folder on your device and find the GTA game folder. Open the folder and paste the file you’ve selected.

(If you don’t see any folder related to the GTA game, first open the GTA game you’ve installed via the APK. Once you’ve opened the game, the GTA folder for the OBB file will be available inside the Android folder).

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