Download GTA IV, V, Vice City, & San Andreas On Android


GTA is one of the most popular games in the gaming industry. The game is developed rockstar games. This game has been played in the gaming community for a long time, more than a decade. The interest of gamers in the game remains the same as before. Even more people are excited to play the game, and they’re showing their excitement and eagerness to play. All of them are waiting for the new update in the game for a long time. But overall, we all know that the new update comes in the game eventually.

The game was initially available on PC, and later it was also launched in the mobile version. Now, all mobile gamers can play GTA on their phone. There are also many developers who modify the game’s codes, add their own code, and conduct a lot of experiments to modify the game. The official version of the GTA game is available on the Google Play Store, but it’s not free to play; you need to pay a few bucks to purchase this game. However, there are many websites on Google that provide the modified version of GTA game for free.

Many gamers play games on Android devices, and they don’t know how to download or install the GTA game on their mobile devices. They search for the download link but often cannot find the actual version of the GTA game. Gamers who want to play the game on their Android devices are in the right place. Here, we will provide you with different versions of the GTA game. By clicking on the download link, you can directly download the game and enjoy it on your Android devices.”

What is the source of the game

There are multiple sources for this game, both official and unofficial. The main source of the download link is the official source, but the official version of the game has a lot of limitations. To overcome these limitations, we have to turn to third-party developers. Many developers have customized the game and added new features to it. However, the 3rd-party developer hasn’t published the game on the Google Play Store. So, to download the game, you need to obtain it from a third-party source or find it through different means. I have collected the unofficial versions of the GTA games from various sources and tried to provide all of the links in this post. There is also a chance that the game might contain malware, which is not good for your device. So, try the game at your own risk.

GTA Download Links

✓ Download GTA 2

✓ Download GTA 3

✓ Download GTA 4

Apk – Download

Licence Key – user2019

[Must Use Key ]

✓ Download GTA 5


✓ Download GTA Vice city


✓ Download GTA San Andreas

Official – Download

Apk – Download


How to install the Game [Must Read]

After downloading the APK file and obb file successfully. Must read this instructions to install the APK on your device. If you already know the process, how to install an APK and use obb file , then you can just ignore this Tutorial. But if you are a beginner and don’t know how to install APK and obb file then must read these Instruction to install the APK.

  1. After downloading the file if the file you have downloaded is in the form of Zip or rar, Then you need to extract the file.
  2. To extract the zip or rar file many Android devices have inbuilt extractor. Or if you don’t have, you can simply use Zrchiver APK from the Play Store.
  3. If you have only an Apk file then simply install this. You don’t need to do anything extra steps. But if you have two things or two files first is APK and second one is zip or rar file then. Installed APK first. Then If there is second file and second file is in the form of rar or zip then extract that file and under that file you will get an OBB file.
  4. Install the Apk first and open the game for a while and close the game.
  5. Select the obb file and click on move/copy option. select the Android folder under your File Manager>>Under Android folder you need to find out OBB folder>>Find the name of the Apk/game , like if you’re installing Pubg mobile then find folder named com.pubg_mobile something like that. You will get the folder in the name of your game. open that folder and paste the file under this.

[ Note – if you cannot find the name of the folder of the game. Then simply after installing the game. Once open the game and after opening the game first time. The folder of the game will be created automatically in the Android section.]


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