BGIS 2024 Broke All BGMI eSports Team


The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2024 has concluded, and it brought with it not just thrilling matches but also significant shake-ups in the BGMI eSports landscape. The championship title was clinched by Team X Spark, while Team Global eSports emerged as the runners-up. The tournament saw some unexpected twists, with top teams like GodLike and … Read more

Discover the Remastered Adventure: Ys Memoire: The Oath in Felghana


Let’s take a little journey through the history of an iconic action RPG series. Ys III: Wanderers From Ys, the third installment in the Ys series, made its debut in 1989, followed by console ports in 1991. Fast forward to 2005, when a remake titled Ys Memoire: The Oath in Felghana was released. This remake, … Read more