BGMI : Blind esports unfair gameplay all matter


There are many unofficial BGMI tournaments are ongoing, the gaming environment is looking hot because of high competition. every team is trying their best to win the tournament. we have seen that Blind esports is performing very well then other teams. Blind esports is most aggressive BGMI team. during a tournament unexpected thing by Blind esports. after this everyone was criticizing the team for their behavior and also they got warning from the tournament organizers.

What Is Blind esport BGMI full matter

In a BGMI Tournament players of Blind esports knocking the opponent and leaving them without finishing. not at once but multiple Times, the players were seen doing fun not playing seriously. as they are currently performing best, they tried to show the lobby what they actually are.

After this tournament villager esport gave final warning to the team blind esport for their unfair gameplay. the BGMI is survival based battle Royal game. this is unfair knock someone and leave without eliminating when you can eliminate the player.

What Blind esport responded

In the reply of this controversy team blind esport stated that they did it just for fun. they don’t want to ruin any one’s game so they didn’t finish the player. the POV of the full Matter was uploaded by the player of Blind esports – Spower.


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