BGIS 2024 Broke All BGMI eSports Team

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2024 has concluded, and it brought with it not just thrilling matches but also significant shake-ups in the BGMI eSports landscape. The championship title was clinched by Team X Spark, while Team Global eSports emerged as the runners-up. The tournament saw some unexpected twists, with top teams like GodLike and Team Revenant failing to reach the finals and other major teams struggling in the last stages.

Surprising Outcomes in BGMI Series 2024

Throughout the tournament, fans witnessed established champions such as Team Soul and Mogo Sports failing to secure a spot in the top three. This has led to speculation about potential changes in their lineups to stay competitive in the ever-evolving eSports scene. The BGIS 2024 series has indeed crowned its Indian champions, but the eSports community is abuzz with rumors of impending roster changes among the top teams.


Ocean Sharma (analyst and Caster) gave hint of changes in the BGMI lineups. Also mazy spoke about the changes in the lineup on a live stream.


Expected Roster Changes in Top BGMI Teams

GodLike eSports: Known for its popularity and talented roster, GodLike has struggled to qualify for the finals in recent years despite several lineup changes. With standout player Jonathan Gaming on board, the team’s performance remains lackluster. Recent news suggests that Punk has officially joined GodLike, indicating possible major changes in the lineup to improve their results.

Team Soul: Boasting the highest fan following in the Indian gaming community, Team Soul has been a dominant force, securing fourth place in the recent BGIS 2024 series. However, rumors suggest that star player Spower might be leaving, potentially leading to multiple changes in the lineup. There are also whispers of old player Goblin making a comeback and BGIS 2024 runner-up Global eSports player Ninjaboy joining Team Soul. Despite these rumors, Global eSports’ owner Rushindra Sinha has denied any lineup changes, though IGL Mavi hinted at Ninjaboy’s possible move during a live stream.

Mortal (Owner of team Soul) came live on YouTube and confirmed that there are changes in the team Soul Lineup. All the changes are being done by mutual discussion.

Carnival Gaming: Formerly playing for Team Soul, Carnival Gaming’s players have faced challenges since their transfer. Omega and Akshat have shown a desire to stick together, raising the possibility of Hector and Goblin leaving the lineup.

Except for Team X Spark, almost every major team is expected to make changes. GodLike, Soul, Carnival Gaming, Global eSports, and Revenant are all rumored to be considering significant roster adjustments. Such changes could impact the entire BGMI eSports ecosystem.

Reasons Behind Roster Changes in BGMI eSports

Several factors contribute to the frequent roster changes in BGMI eSports. Players often receive better offers from other organizations, leading them to switch teams. This triggers a domino effect where the losing team must recruit new players, potentially disrupting other lineups. Organizations seeking better performance also release underperforming players, causing further shifts in the community. Additionally, fan bases can become divided as favorite players move between teams.

In conclusion, the BGMI eSports scene is undergoing a period of transformation, with major teams reevaluating their rosters to stay competitive. These changes reflect the dynamic nature of the industry, where performance and strategic decisions drive constant evolution.

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