BGIS 2023 Date, Schedule, Teams, Price Pool & Complete details


Battleground mobile India series 2023 : currently Battleground mobile India is one of the most popular mobile game in India. the e-sports in scenario is also grown well in Indian gaming community. the teams have been practicing for long time. when the game was banned in India the Esport players was Still practicing for the tournament and now when game is back every teams are practicing very hard to win the tournament. every times of focusing on the official BGIS 2023 tournament.

BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) is expected to start from 17 to 20 July 2023. on the starting of this huge event players need to registered first. the players who are looking for the event to start will be given few days to register for in game qualifiers. when the registration process is over then the in-game qualifier will begin.







Game Mode




Event schedule




Prize Pool




Many top teams does not need to play the end game qualifier because they will directly get invitation for the tournament but also invited teams need to compete against new rising star for the final battle. it is a huge chance for new rising stars to make their own identity in the Indian gaming community.

BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) teaser out

On the official Instagram page of Battleground mobile India the official teaser of BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) is released. it is completely a good hint for the players who have been waiting for the tournament for a long time. the date of this event have not been released till now but it indicates the event will start very soon. it is expected that the registration process will be open form 17 to 20 jul 2023. after registration process the in-game qualifier process will begin.

BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) registration date

The teaser have been released on the official page of the Battleground mobile India official. on this teaser nothing have been revealed and there isn’t any hint about the registration process. according to the leaks and rumors the registration process will be initiated from 17 to 20th July 2023. our team is waiting for the confirmation date of registration process. team Battleground mobile India is doing all necessary preparation for the event. all things are scheduled but we can’t say the exact date of registration process without any official announcement.

BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) Schedule

The Battleground mobile India series 2023 full schedule will be updated here after the official reveal. we are very close to the official announcement. everything is well prepared and everything is scheduled and we will get all the confirmation dates on the time in upcoming days.

BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) Game format

BGIS SEASON 2 game format is likely to be same as we have seen befor. after the successfully registration the in-game qualifiers will begin every team will be competitive competing against each other for the next round. on the next round top 1024 teams will be fighting for the top 64 positions. this is a huge filter so every team need to be serious on this. because these 64 will play quarter final of this event. from this 64 teams 24 teams will move ahead for the semi final battle. here we will see invited teams fighting against the new rising star or underdog teams. it is not that easy for the invited teams because last year we saw that many big teams can’not qualify for the final.

In-game Qualifiers – Top 1024 teams advance to the online qualifiers.

Online Qualifiers – 1024 Teams

Quarter-Finals – 64 Teams

Semi-Finals – 24 teams

Grand Finals – 16 Teams 

these 24 teams will be divided into three different groups. from these 24 teams 16 team will be qualified for the final battle. the winner of this final battle will be the champion of BGIS season 2. and we have seen that the champion team also get invited in the pubg mobile Global Championship. so it is a huge chance for all the competitive players. the format is fare for all the esport athletes and every teams have chance to make their team get a chance to play in International lobby, Also you will be champion of Battleground mobile India series 2023.

BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) Point System

In last 5 years we have seen a lot of changes in point system. when the esport scenario was begin in the mobile gaming industry was prioritizing chicken dinner. but now, to make the game more interesting finish points are also very important. for the chicken dinner the team will get 15 points and for each finishes team will get 1 point. you need to make balance between position point and finish points to win the tournament.

BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) Invited Teams

in last 1 year many things have been changed in the Indian gaming industry. many new teams formed and many old teams disbanded. because of lineup changes it is hard to tell which team will get invited in the bgis season 2. team Soul esport, godl, blind, God Reign, Xspark, 7 Sea etc ore the names of the team who may get invited in the tournament. the list of invited have not been revealed by the official. the final list of the invited teams will be updated here after the official reveal.

BGIS (Battleground mobile India series 2023) Point table

The tournament is not started yet…. the point table will be updated here after the start of quarter final or semi final matches.


Q. What is the Date of BGIS season 2 Date?

Ans :- The date have not been revealed till now. according to the leaks the registration process will be started from the 17 to 20th July. this is expected date of starting of registration process. the actual date can we differ from this date.

Q. who can register for this event?

Ans :- all the Battleground mobile India players who have a team can register for the in-game qualifiers.

Q. what will happen if hackers will play in game qualifiers?

Ans :- the officials have all the necessary preparation for the cheaters to avoid the unfair gameplay. so don’t worry about the cheaters.


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