10 Best PUBG Mobile Teams in Europe 2023


Best PUBG Mobile Teams in Europe: The competition in PUBG Mobile esports is growing day by day. Every year, we witness the emergence of new aggressive and more powerful champion teams compared to the previous year. In Europe, there are many active teams that are consistently performing well in esports. The fact that we see new champions regularly highlights the escalating competition, where the teams with more talent and firepower dominate the gaming lobbies. We have also observed this trend at the global level, where no single team can maintain dominance indefinitely. Every powerful team has its peak period, and then a new team emerges to surpass them, becoming the new king of PUBG Mobile esports. In the European region, numerous popular and formidable teams have made their mark, including S2G, which delivered an outstanding performance in PMCO 2022.

In this article, we will be listing the top 10 Best PUBG Mobile teams in Europe. To rank these teams, we analyzed their performances from the past year and gave priority to their most recent performances. In esports, a team’s performance from six months ago may not accurately reflect their current standing, as the competitive landscape is constantly evolving with new talents emerging. Therefore, recent match performance is a crucial factor in determining which teams are currently excelling and deserving of a top spot.

10 Best PUBG Mobile Teams in Europe 2023

Here are the top 10 PUBG Mobile teams in Europe:

1. MadBulls

2. Gaming Gladiators

3. DMR

4. Major Pride

5. Nexus Gaming

6. S2G eSports

7. Alpha Team

8. Fire Flux Esports

9. Dagestan 77

10. Titan Gaming

1. MadBulls:


MadBulls, hailing from the CIS region, is a prominent team in the European PUBG Mobile scene. Under the guidance of their coach, Russia’s MSTRBTR, and managed by Belarus’ Kristina Kniazhevich, the team has achieved remarkable success. With approximately $146,392 in total winnings and a foundation established on October 30, 2021, MadBulls has consistently proven its prowess. The active squad comprises talented players, including Kyrgyzstan’s ZERYCH, Kyrgyzstan’s FLYQE, Russia’s FROZEN, and Ukraine’s TULIKA, all of whom joined the team at various points in 2022 and 2023. Supporting the team’s operations, the organization features key individuals like Belarus’ SXEMKA, who serves as the manager since August 2022, Ukraine’s Moony, the assistant manager since August 2022, and the skilled coach, Russia’s MSTRBTR, who assumed his role on January 2, 2023. MadBulls’ recent achievements include securing the 1st place in the C-Tier Unicorns of Love Winter Battle, 1st place in the B-Tier Tele2 Cyber Games Season 1, and notable placements in A-Tier tournaments, such as the PUBG Mobile Pro League – European Championship Fall 2022 and the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Western Europe Fall 2022, where they clinched 3rd and 1st place, respectively.

2. Gamin Gladiators:


Gaming Gladiators, a prominent team in the European PUBG Mobile arena, represents the CIS region. Led by their coach, Russia’s Matic, and supported by a dedicated management team, Gaming Gladiators has carved a name for itself. The team has achieved significant success and recognition. While their total winnings are not specified in the provided information, their commitment and dedication are evident. The team’s active roster consists of talented players, including Russia’s KITSUNÉ, Russia’s Matic, Russia’s Mequ, Russia’s Tixzy, and Russia’s KASIK, each contributing their skills to the team’s success. While the exact join dates are not mentioned, their dedication to the game is unquestionable. The team’s management comprises key individuals who ensure smooth operations, including Russia’s Matic as the coach. Although specific dates are missing, their contributions are invaluable. Gaming Gladiators is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, consistently competing at a high level in the competitive PUBG Mobile scene.

3. De Muerte (DMR)


De Muerte is an esports organization based in Serbia, with a presence in Russia as well. The team was founded on June 18, 2021, and they have accrued total winnings of $43,052. DMR boasts an active squad with players from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, including talents like Russia MilkyWay, Kazakhstan MALOYYY, Russia FURIA, Russia Korka, and Kyrgyzstan PROXY. Leading the organization is its founder, Russia dmrAlexey, while Ukraine Moony and Ukraine Ivangius manage media and head of media duties, respectively. Notably, DMR achieved 2nd place in the C-Tier Unicorns of Love Winter Battle and 2nd place in the Monthly PUBG Mobile Lidoma Esport August 2022.

4. Major Pride


Major Pride is an esports organization hailing from Kazakhstan and competing in the CIS region. They have achieved a total of $48,395 in winnings. The team’s active squad includes players from various countries, showcasing their diverse talent pool. Major Pride’s active roster comprises players like Russia KnowMe, Uzbekistan Dino3ABp, Russia MONKY, Kyrgyzstan EFFECT, and Belarus BLVCKwhite Captain. Behind the scenes, Belarus ranger.zzz serves as the Esports Director since January 1, 2021, and Russia BERTKHAN is the CEO, joining the organization on December 10, 2021. Russia SeT i7 holds the dual role of Coach and Manager, coming aboard on April 16, 2022. Major Pride’s recent achievements include a 2nd place finish in the A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Europe Spring 2023 and 1st place in the C-Tier BIG SEASON #3.

5.Nexus Gaming

Nexus Gaming is a Romanian esports organization founded in late 2015. They have made a name for themselves in the esports community with total winnings amounting to $53,850. The organization is based in Romania and competes in the European region. Nexus Gaming’s active squad boasts a lineup of skilled players from Romania and Moldova, including DORIN23, OCTAVIAN, KRISTIAN, KAPAHALA, EXO, and REDOX. Key figures in the organization include Romania Zetion, the Founder since May 23, 2015, and Romania ang as the CEO. Remus Petca holds the position of General Manager since April 5, 2021. Nexus Gaming has been successful in various esports competitions over the years.

6. S2G eSports

S2G Esports is a Turkish esports organization competing in the European region. With total winnings of $1,013,480, they have established themselves as a formidable force in esports. S2G Esports’ active squad consists of talented players from Turkey. The squad includes players like Sylas, Calse, HamsiG Captain, and RayZ. The organization is led by Turkey Bonnie, serving as the Manager since April 3, 2021. The ownership and leadership roles include Turkey kfceatbox as the Owner, Turkey Şafak as the CEO, Turkey For1st as Coach/Analyst since July 25, 2022, and Turkey Bluffist as a Coach. S2G Esports has achieved significant success in PUBG Mobile tournaments, including winning 1st place in the S-Tier PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 and 1st place in the A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – Türkiye Fall 2022.

7.Alpha Team

Active Squad – Ptenchik, MandariN, Reflect, Xashipa, NAKOLENI, ONLYARSEN

8.Fire Flux Esports

Fire Flux Esports is a Turkish professional esports organization established in May 2021. They compete in the European region and have accumulated total winnings of $378,430. The active squad of Fire Flux Esports includes players from Turkey, including Soulless, Kecth, Lutz, and Solkay. The organization is founded by Temuçin Ünalp, with key figures like Turkey EgoistPati as the Owner, Turkey Kubilicious as the Esports Director, and Turkey Marqnue as an Owner. Fire Flux Esports has achieved significant success in various esports competitions, including winning 1st place in the A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – European Championship Spring 2023 and 1st place in the A-Tier PUBG Mobile Pro League – European Championship Spring 2022.

9. Dagestan 77

Active Squad – LimboBoom, ShifuMVP, Keep, ZAD1RA, Haez

10.Titan Gaming

Titan Gaming is an esports organization originating from Kazakhstan but based in Ukraine, competing in the European region. Founded on December 6, 2021, they have amassed total winnings of $94,765. The squad of Titan Gaming includes players from Ukraine, Bulgaria, and France, with players like Havlik, Icy, OldBoy, robbzOP, and Sl0wly. The organization is led by Ukraine RYBA, serving as the CEO since December 5, 2021, and Moldova Kompot_trash as the Coach. Titan Gaming has notably secured 1st place in the C-Tier BIG SEASON #2 and has likely achieved further success, although additional details are not provided.


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